Maximum Effectiveness With Minimal Requirements.

The ECO2 Superoxygenation System operates by pumping a side stream of raw, unscreened wastewater through a conical shaped oxygen transfer device also known as the ‘Speece Cone’. Gaseous pure oxygen is metered into the cone and completely dissolved due to the exceptionally large gas/water interface generated by the bubble swarm inside of the cone. The oxygenated water is blended back into the receiving body.

ECO2 Technology
ECO2 Speece Cone Diagram
ECO2 System Design

Great reliability, low maintenance, zero headaches.

Each ECO2 System is custom-engineered to each individual application to guarantee perfect performance. It’s ECO2’s extensive expertise that makes each ECO2 installation a success. All openings are a minimum of 4’’ and capable of passing raw wastewater without clogging. The typical ECO2 System is not pressurized, keeping operating costs to a minimum.

ECO2 SuperOxygenation Cone

Superoxygenation Cone

The ECO2 Superoxygenation Cone is a hollow stainless steel cone with no moving parts and no small openings. It requires NO MAINTENANCE.

ECO2 Oxygen Flow Controls

Oxygen Flow Controls

ECO2‘s proprietary oxygen flow controls completely automate the oxygen feed process. Minimal operator attention is required.

ECO2 Side Stream Pump

Side Stream Pump

The side stream pump is the only moving part that requires standard maintenance.

An on-site oxygen generator for SuperOxygenation

Oxygen Source (Option 1)

An on-site oxygen generator. Higher initial capital cost but lower operating costs.

ECO2 Oxygen Source (Option 2)

Oxygen Source (Option 2)

Liquid oxygen (LOX) deliveries from a local gas supplier. Little or no maintenance expenses but slightly higher oxygen cost.


H2S before and after SuperOxygenation

H2S before and after SuperOxygenation
With D.O. present, the H2S in the head space is readily reduced to non-detectable levels (< 1 ppm) as confirmed in multiple field installations using superoxygenation of force mains. This advantage of superoxygenation can also be applied upstream of headworks and for primary clarifier odor control.

Consistently better results in H2S reduction than traditional odor control chemicals.

Significantly lower operating costs than traditional chemicals *(as low as 20-50%).

Flow-paced O2 feed system guarantees efficient use of O2.

No storing and handling of hazardous chemicals.

No chemical deliveries.

No increase in sludge production.

Odor Control Chemicals

Cost / Pound of Sulfide Removed ($)

Clean Water

ECO2 adds already dissolved oxygen to the water.
Liquid-to-liquid mixing allows for faster & broader horizontal distribution of D.O.

Effective creation of an “aerobic cap” above the sediment.

O2 feed rate can be precisely controlled.

No bubbles – means no mixing of the vertical water column.

No destratification maintains cold water fish habitat.

Natural look of lake surface can be maintained, no obstacles for watercraft.

Robust system can be turned off as needed without danger of clogging delivery pipes or diffusers.

Oxygen dissolved every year by ECO2 Systems

Oxygen dissolved every year by ECO2 Systems.

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