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Tule River, CA Ovivo MBR with Concentrated Oxygen

Doc Type: Case Studies
Project Engineer: Hydro Science
Publisher: Ovivo
Author: Ovivo

Document Summary

Transforming Wastewater Management: Tule River Tribe’s Ovivo MBR Solution – Discover how the Tule River Tribe in Northern CA embraced Ovivo’s MBR technology for wastewater treatment. With a focus on a small footprint, installation convenience, and future scalability, the tribe opted for the Ovivo microBLOX MBR System. Addressing the challenges posed by failing septic tank/drainfield systems (as indicated by an Indian Health Service study), the microBLOX MBR System emerges as the solution of choice. This high MLSS MBR, utilizing concentrated oxygen for process efficiency, serves as a transformative step to enhance wastewater management and accommodate 850 residents.

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