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New system successfully controlling odor on once-stinky Ann Arbor street

Author: Ryan Stanton

Document Summary

Effectively Tackling Odor Issues: Ann Arbor Success Story – Explore how Eco2Tech’s innovative oxygen injection technology, featuring the ‘Speece Cone’ system, has triumphed over odor challenges in Ann Arbor. Discover the substantial positive impact this solution has made on wastewater management, including the reduction of H2S levels. The implementation of the special ‘Speece Cone’ system by ECO Oxygen Technologies in Indianapolis, involving oxygen injection into the waste stream, has resulted in remarkable odor control results. OHM’s report further emphasizes the reduction in H2S levels and odor complaints. Delve into the full article to uncover this noteworthy success story.

Ann Arbor - ECO2's Odor Solution

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