ECO’s Ali Trollier Presents on Benefits of SuperOxygenation at NJ Water Environment Association Conference

ECO2 Ali Trollier

During this year’s NJ Water Environment Association Conference in Atlantic City, ECO2’s Regional Sales Manager Ali Trollier will be presenting at the Energy Management for Water and Resource Recovery Facilities.

Ali’s presentation on “Collection System Odor and Corrosion Control, Including H2S Prevention With SuperOxygenation” is scheduled for Monday May 8th at 2:30pm. 

During her presentation, she will discuss how collection systems make the perfect condition for the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is the main source of foul odors and corrosion problems.  Treatment of H2S may encompass many technologies, including the treatment in liquid phase, and treatment in gas phase.  An additional treatment option is to actually prevent the formation of H2S in the collection systems, by feeding dissolved oxygen (called Superoxygenation).

This presentation will consist of a review of odor control options and a case study of Knoxville, TN using Superoxygenation for prevention of odors and corrosion in an oversized forecmain.  Like many cities, Knoxville has a force main that was sized for a projected level of development that has not yet been realized.  Consequently, the Forks of the River force main developed ideal conditions for H2S generation, often upwards of 800-1000 ppm at the discharge.  On the city’s quest for a new and cost-effective odor control method, they came upon ECO2’s SuperOxygenation Technology. The installation of the system resulted in significant annual O&M savings and better results in H2S reduction than with the previously used traditional chemical.

For more information or to schedule a personal meeting with Ali, contact us.

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