ECO2 Names Garret Schleis as Application Engineer

Garret Schleis - Application Engineer - ECO2


Indianapolis, IN, July 12, 2021 – ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC (ECO2) is pleased to announce and welcome Garret Schleis, EIT as Application Engineer. Garret will be responsible for the engineering design, field work and administrative tasks for ECO2 current and future projects.

ECO2 President David Clidence said of the Mr. Schleis hiring, “Garret brings extensive engineering experience to the ECO2 team. His character complements ECO2’s core values and we look forward to Garret helping ECO2 continue to deliver innovative environmental solutions to our customers.

Garret has years of experience providing design and technical support for wastewater aeration systems that stem into both Municipal and Industrial applications. When asked about his new position, Garret said, “I am elated to join the team at ECO2. I firmly stand behind their technology and cannot wait to work alongside their team members who share the same vision as me. Anytime you can bring about a positive change to a community, our case being improved water quality and limiting air pollutants, it truly validates your efforts and the company’s mission.”


For questions or additional information, please contact:
Holly Lee, Office Manager
ECO Oxygen Technologies (ECO2)
Phone: 317-706-6484

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