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ECO2 offers custom engineered solutions based on each client’s individual needs. After an ECO2 engineer meets with a client to determine their system requirements, a design data checklist is filled out. Based upon the site-specific requirements, an ECO2 system is custom designed for each client. ECO2 backs each system with a performance guarantee.

Project Process

Step 1

Project description and goals discussed by client and ECO2Email a request for design information.

Step 3

Design data evaluated by ECO2 to determine technical fit.

Step 4

System design, estimated capital and annual O&M costs submitted to client by ECO2.

Step 5

ECO2 available to visit client, perform site assessment, confirm design data.

Step 6

ECO2 designs and provides SuperOxygenation System. Local contractor performs installation ECO2 is available for start-up, testing and training.

ECO2 Management Team

David Clidence - President ECO2

David Clidence, P.E.

Mobile: 317.997.6428

Kevin Jacobs, P.E. - ECO2

Kevin Jacobs, P.E.

Director of Engineering
Mobile: 317.366.8191

Clay Thompson - ECO2

Clay Thompson

National Sales Manager
Mobile: 870.715.2538

Alison Trollier - ECO2

Alison Trollier

Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Mobile: 727.434.6473

Ryan Grimes - ECO2

Ryan Grimes

Western Regional Sales Manager
Mobile: 214.724.3127