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Where does ECO2 fit in your toolbox?

ECO2 offers custom engineered solutions for applications, where diffusers, aerators, and mixers can’t meet project goals. 

Contact your local representative or ECO2 engineer, to discuss your application, and use our design data checklist to determine your system requirements. Based upon site-specific requirements and a technical evaluation for each application, a custom ECO2 system is designed to meet a performance guarantee.

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Project Process

Step 1

Project description and goals discussed by client and ECO2. Email a request for design information.

ECO2 Process
ECO2 Process

Step 3

Design data evaluated by ECO2 to determine technical fit.

ECO2 Process

Step 4

System design, estimated capital and annual O&M costs submitted to client by ECO2.

ECO2 Process

Step 5

ECO2 available to visit client, perform site assessment, confirm design data.

ECO2 Process

Step 6

ECO2 designs and provides Superoxygenation System. Local contractor performs installation ECO2 is available for start-up, testing and training.

ECO2 Process

Step 7

Project complete. Happy customer, clean environment.

ECO2 Management Team

David Clidence - President ECO2

David Clidence, P.E.

Mobile: 317.997.6428

Alison Trollier - ECO2

Ali Trollier, P.E.

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Mobile: 727.434.6473

Ryan Grimes - ECO2

Ryan Grimes

Western Regional Sales Manager
Mobile: 214.724.3127

Garret Schleis - ECO2

Garret Schleis

Engineering Manager
Mobile: 715.651.6653