Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

ECO2 offers an elegant solution to meet industrial wastewater discharge limits for BOD, Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.), and Hydrogen Sulfide. The efficient use of pure oxygen is often the most effective solution at the lowest ongoing cost.

Paper Mills

High strength process and wastewater from pulp and paper mills often contains high levels of BOD and sulfides, causing odors and requiring high D.O. levels for wastewater treatment. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology provides an efficient means to add dissolved oxygen to process water, primary clarifiers and treatment lagoons.


Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry often deals with high strength wastewater that requires pretreatment and / or odor control. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology can effectively add targeted amounts of dissolved oxygen to industrial wastewater to oxidize sulfides and high levels of BOD.

Oil Sulfide

Oil and gas wells often yield water during the extraction of the oil and gas from a reservoir, often with water often being the major constituent of the extracted liquid/gas volume. The extracting company goes to great length to separate the valuable oils and gases from this mixed liquid and gas stream. Once the products (oil, natural gas) are separated, the oil producer then must determine what to do with the remaining water.

This produced water is commonly laden with compounds that pose challenges to disposal. Typically, the oil producer has 3 options: re-inject the water into the oil/gas reservoir, inject the water into a disposal well, or discharge the water to surface runoff or other treatment facility. In many parts of the world, a surface discharge is preferable as the water can then be used for irrigation and/or livestock and wildlife use. Adding dissolved oxygen to the produced water can remove many undesirable contaminants and make the produced water safer and cleaner for surface discharge.

Power Industry

Warm cooling water from the power industry holds less oxygen, having a negative impact on the receiving water body. With an ECO2 SuperOxygenation System water can be enriched with higher levels of dissolved oxygen.

Landfill Leachate

High BOD, H2S, and high ammonia content can be reduced using oxygen before discharge to a municipal sewer system. Aerobic landfills can benefit through introducing additional D.O. to the leachate to supplement the bioreactor.

Anson Madison ECO2
The Anson Madison, ME, ECO2 System adds sufficient dissolved oxygen to the treatment plant’s primary clarifiers to maintain aerobic conditions and prevent sulfide formation in the primaries.The system minimized H2S release from the primaries, solved the plant’s odor problems while saving the District over $300,000/year in chemical costs.

Sulfide Oxidation with Time

Supplemental Dissolved Oxygen

ECO2‘s proven sidestream SuperOxygenation System can deliver readily dissolved oxygen where and when you need it.

Aeration Supplementation

Need to increase the capacity of your aeration basins without wanting to expand? The ECO2 System can deliver more D.O. in the same space. The ECO2 System has been proven effective in raw wastewater as well as in high MLSS concentrations. Its robust design with few moving parts and wide openings make it an excellent addition to any MBR, aerobic digester or conventional activated sludge process in need of an additional boost of D.O.

Ovivo ECO2 SuperOxygenation Installation
Ovivo ECO2 SuperOxygenation Installation

Convert Secondary Clarifier to Oxic Bioreactor

A unique solution for insufficient loading capacity, nutrient control, and floating sludge, by utilizing the tank volume of the existing clarifier for increasing aerobic (active) biomass. Superoxygenation is the only way to increase D.O. without disturbing the settling conditions in a clarifier.

4 Problems Solved with Oxic Clarifiers

  • Increased BOD removal (up to 66% with no additional tankage)
  • Improved nitrification in winter (increased aerobic biomass)
  • Improved stability for Bio-P (by increasing SRT & Reducing F:M)
  • Prevent rising sludge (due to denitrification in sludge blanket)
Convert Secondary Clarifier to Oxic Bioreactor

Wastewater Effluent D.O. Content & BOD Offset

Instantly boost D.O. without aerators or basins.

Post Aeration

Trouble meeting your D.O. discharge permit? The adaptable ECO2 SuperOxygenation System can boost your effluent’s D.O. to any desired level. Whether it’s to meet a seasonal permit or to off-set effluent BOD and ammonia for a net-zero impact on the receiving water body.

Easily meet your D.O. Discharge Permit

ECO2 has helped towns across the country comply with their D.O. discharge permits. Site or budget restrictions that don’t allow for the construction of re-aeration basins, the lack of sufficient elevation drop for step-aeration, or simply the need for higher D.O. levels for sensitive downstream waterbodies, are reasons for the implementation of a small footprint ECO2 SuperOxygenation System.


Net-Zero Negative Impact

Off-setting BOD and ammonia with an increased amount of dissolved oxygen has helped one city receive a permit to build their WWTP and discharge into an impaired waterway with a net-zero negative impact.

Kennebunk ECO2 Installation
The Kennebunk, ME Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges into a salmon stream. Their permit requires 8mg/L D.O. discharge, which they cannot achieve during the summer months. The ECO2 System supplements the D.O. in the discharge and guarantees at least 8mg/L D. O.

In-River Treatment

Many of the world’s rivers are polluted and D.O. impaired. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology can effectively add high levels of dissolved oxygen to impaired waterways.

Deliver Large Amounts of D.O.

EDissolved Oxygen (D.O.) is good. Raising the D.O. in impaired waterways supports aquatic life and helps with the aerobic degradation of organic matter. Without the addition of dissolved oxygen lower depths of rivers are often void of oxygen, decreasing fish habitat and allowing for the accumulation of muck on the bottom.

To support aquatic life in the D.O. impaired Savannah River during and after the dredging of the harbor, the US Army Corps of Engineers evaluated over 25 aeration and oxygenation technologies and chose ECO2‘s Speece Cones to do the job. ECO2‘s Speece Cones can effectively deliver large amounts of dissolved oxygen from shore based, barge mounted or submerged systems to sensitive areas in polluted rivers.

Savannah River ECO2 SuperOxygenation
The ECO2 “Speece Cone” SuperOxygenation System was rated best of the 25 systems studied, based on cost, oxygenation level, flexibility and mobility.

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