Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

ECO2 offers an elegant solution to meet industrial wastewater discharge limits for BOD, Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.), and Hydrogen Sulfide. The efficient use of pure oxygen is often the most effective solution at the lowest ongoing cost.

Paper Mills

High strength process and wastewater from pulp and paper mills often contains high levels of BOD and sulfides, causing odors and requiring high D.O. levels for wastewater treatment. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology provides an efficient means to add dissolved oxygen to process water, primary clarifiers and treatment lagoons.


Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry often deals with high strength wastewater that requires pretreatment and / or odor control. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation Technology can effectively add targeted amounts of dissolved oxygen to industrial wastewater to oxidize sulfides and high levels of BOD.

Power Industry

Warm cooling water from the power industry holds less oxygen, having a negative impact on the receiving water body. With an ECO2 SuperOxygenation System water can be enriched with higher levels of dissolved oxygen.

Caustic Management / Sulfide Elimination

Waste streams from the mining and petrochemical and refining industries can contain high levels of dissolved sulfides which can be reduced when in contact with dissolved oxygen.

Landfill Leachate

High BOD, H2S, and high ammonia content can be reduced using oxygen before discharge to a municipal sewer system. Aerobic landfills can benefit through introducing additional D.O. to the leachate to supplement the bioreactor.

Anson Madison ECO2
The Anson Madison, ME, ECO2 System adds sufficient dissolved oxygen to the treatment plant’s primary clarifiers to maintain aerobic conditions and prevent sulfide formation in the primaries.The system minimized H2S release from the primaries, solved the plant’s odor problems while saving the District over $300,000/year in chemical costs.

Sulfide Oxidation with Time

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