Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

ECO2 technology is used to efficiently dissolve CO2 into water for the following applications.

The ability to effectively dissolve carbon dioxide (CO2) into any liquid stream opens the door to a world of possibilities.

From eliminating harmful treatment chemicals, to the reduction of greenhouse gases, the beneficial use of carbon dioxide has been developed for a variety of environmental applications. Here are a few examples where the Speece Cone technology, first introduced for dissolving pure oxygen, is used for its ability to rapidly dissolve high concentration carbon dioxide gas into dirty water with nearly 100% efficiency, and without fouling or clogging.

Carbon Dioxide for pH Control

Harnessing Carbon Dioxide for Precise pH Regulation

Lime softening processes for drinking water include a step for pH adjustment, after settling. Gaseous Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a simple and affordable alternative to acid, but it is often used inefficiently – wasting CO2 gas, requiring too much energy, or the need to use finished water for the carrier stream.

The Speece Cone, by ECO2, provides a highly efficient solution for rapidly dissolving CO2 into a process water stream for effective pH control.

  • Transfer Efficiency >99% (at all feed rates, at all operating pressures, guaranteed)
  • No Fouling, No Clogging, No Maintenance
  • Small Footprint, In-line Process
  • No Loss of Pressure
  • Suitable for High Flows, High Solids
C02 for ph control - ECO2 system
C02 for ph control - ECO2
CO2 System Diagram

Invasive Species Control

Natural Solution for Mitigation of Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species often lead to economic and environmental damage. Over time, their relentless growth and accumulation can disrupt the natural balance of a waterbody, causing the decline of native species and a cascading effect on the local ecosystem.

Reactionary methods of control include chemical addition and mechanical removal; however, neither of these are particularly eco-friendly nor effective.

ECO2 is committed to providing sustainable, efficient solutions for unique environmental challenges. By using dissolved CO2 as a preventive measure, we can protect our infrastructure, save resources, and preserve the delicate balance of our aquatic ecosystems.

Groundbreaking research has proven the overwhelming effectiveness and efficiency of ECO2 technology for dissolved carbon dioxide applied to targeted areas, with zero impact to non-targeted species.

This innovative solution is currently under final development before publication of peer-reviewed full-scale pilot data, and the implementation of the ECO2 patented technology. Stay tuned for more information and reach out to get on our mailing list for updates.

Invasive Species
Invasive Species Control ECO2
Invasive Species Control Technology ECO2

Carbon Removal & Sequestration

Making a Positive Impact on Climate Change

Since the Industrial Revolution, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 280 ppm to 420 ppm (Climate.nasa.gov)

This concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air causes the climate change impacts we’re experiencing today, from forest fires to stifling heat waves and damaging sea level rise — and the global community is working to reverse this course in a number of ways:

The primary objective is to reduce carbon emissions — for example, ramping up renewable energy, boosting energy efficiency, and stopping deforestation. However, reduced emissions aren’t enough.

To keep global temperature-rise to less than 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F), which scientists say is necessary for preventing the worst impacts of climate change, we’ll need to not only reduce emissions but also remove and store some carbon that’s already in the atmosphere (World Research Institute).

Carbon dioxide removal (or “carbon removal”) aims to help mitigate climate change by removing carbon dioxide pollution directly from the atmosphere.

Carbon removal strategies include familiar approaches like growing trees as well as more novel technologies like direct air capture, which scrubs CO2 from the air and sequesters it underground.

Speece Cone® technology, by ECO2 provides a highly efficient method for rapidly dissolving a high purity CO2 gas into a pressurized water injection well for sequestration. Paired with rapidly advancing technology for direct air capture, and the appropriate geological formation, ECO2 systems provide the unique mass-transfer solution critical for this innovative method to combat climate change.

Published data will soon be available for a more in-depth look at how CO2 mass transfer plays a key role in carbon removal and sequestration. Stay tuned for more information and contact us now to register for our mailing list.